• Stay away from these 10 unpleasant fishing areas

by Bowen Deng June 21, 2018

Believe that now you are all ready, only one of your favorite fish will swing on your hook. Hey, hey, hey, I said man, Wake up. Take it easy. Although you are now prepared with the necessary tools, such as excellent
fishing rods, sturdy fishing nets, sophisticated and practical fishing pliers, etc., these fishing gear tools that increase your efficiency should not be used in waters that are not suitable for fishing. Their greatest value!
Next, let's work together to avoid these 10 waters that are not suitable for fishing.
     (1) The water is too clear water; the fish will not come without plankton

     (2) The water quality is too muddy; too turbid causes the fish to lose sight of your bait

     (3) Too little water, very shallow water; water grass and plankton cannot survive, fish will not come

     (4) It is not a flowing water area; water without flowing water does not have oxygen, and fish are not suitable for survival.

     (5) The waters are surrounded by mountains on three sides; the sun exposure time is short and the temperature of the water bottom is too low to be suitable for fish growth.

     (6) Weeds grow too rich in water; fish is hard to bite, and it is easy to decouple and cause fish to run

     (7) Tree-dense waters; Branches deep in water, causing inconvenience for casting

     (8) The steep slope of the embankment; water depth, it is easy to have large fish but it is dangerous and it is difficult to
use fishing landing net

     (9) Noisy waters; do not choose to fish near the area and it is easy to scare fish

     (10) Water under the high pressure line; use carbon rods carefully and hang it on the high voltage line when dumping, dangerous!

Remember the ten tips above? I wish you a happy fishing!

Bowen Deng
Bowen Deng


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