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by Bowen Deng June 21, 2018

[Release after catching or keep]
 If you want to eat fish, bring the fish home. Repeat the fishing process. Check if the fishing line is in good condition. Then reload the fishing bait. Start fishing for a fish.

You need to prepare:
Fishery permits (except when fishing in your own pond, in accordance with local regulations)
Fishing gear (fish rods, reels, fishing lines, fishing hooks, fishing lures,
fishing pliers H1,  hook remover R1, fish gripper G1)
Buoys and drape (lead hammer)

 Be careful with fish hooks. Not only will it hurt you, but if you have barbs, it will be difficult to remove it. Take care when removing the hook from the fish's mouth.
[2] Dispose of the single fiber fishing line correctly according to local regulations. Some fishing areas have specialized fishing line recycling bins. Nylon lines can repel water birds.
[3] Note: Fishing is addictive. When you catch a fish, you adrenaline and you want to catch another one.
[4] Do not use explosives or any explosives to kill fish. Doing so will not only pollute the water, it will also cause you life-threatening. This is not worth doing.
[5] find out the local regulations on fishing.In some places you can use baits to catch 100 fish but you may only be able to keep some or some size of fish.Some waters can only be captured and released, so be aware of fishery regulations.If necessary, get a fishing permit and go fishing, or you'll be fined.
In the long run, the PE LINE is affordable and seldom broken, so you can use it for a long time and it will not pollute the water.  

Bowen Deng
Bowen Deng


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