RG2 Fly Fishing Pin-on Retractor Zinger

Booms Fishing

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(1) The Practical Accessory For Fishing, Hikes, Camping Trips And The Great Outdoors The features offered by the durable and stylish retractable gear tether are useful in any modern work environment and outdoor activities. You can fasten them onto your belt loop or the straps on your hiking bag to keep your hands free and your tools ready to go. Can pick up and put down some small tools quickly when you are fishing, no worries about stuffing something back in your pocket or bag. 
(2) Tough 34 
in Polyester Cord And 1.5 oz. Retraction Force Make Fishing Simple It can automatically retract after the string pulled out from the reel when you let go of some small tools, don't worry about losing. 1.5 oz. retraction force can hang a variety of lightweight fishing tools and secure your gear quickly and easily. 
(3) Unique Design Gives You A Superior Texture Experience The perfect combination of tough gun-black zinc alloy case and soft black epoxy body, good abrasion and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel split ring can quick and easy suspension of various small fishing tools. 
Secure your gear to prevent lost. Used to hang a variety of lightweight fishing tools such as nail clipper, scissors and so on 
Retractable 34 
in polyester cord for a smooth, quiet extension, easy to retract. 1.5 oz. retraction force 
Perfect for belt loops, backpacks, coats and more, Easy to attach and retract without reaching into your pocket or bag 
Made of rugged gun-black zinc alloy case, high quality spring, soft and smooth black epoxy body and stainless steel split ring 

What's in the box:
Pin-on Zinger 3 pcs
Dimension: 2.95*1.1*0.59 in/ 7.5*2.8*1.5 cm (L*W*H)
Weight: 0.05 lb/ 22 g

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