Booms Fishing G04 Fish Grip

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Appropriate Crowd : Caring anglers. Reduce the degree of damage to fish lips and internal organs (please see below for details) ,and improve the survival rate of the fish.
Scenes : Cast fishing,boat fishing. For safe landing, the design easy to put the jaw into the fish mouth in a horizontal manner,convenient to cradle the fish with one hand beneath the belly
Material : Made of 70% nylon and 30% glass fiber excellent tensile strength material ,load capacity up to 50kg,avoid the problem of metal corrosion
Compatible:The ergonomic design of the handle takes into account the non-slip and the difference between large and small hands. Includes wrist lanyard
Against Lateral Movements:Zigzag design of clamp and lengthwise extending groove against lateral movements ,prevent tearing of fish lips caused by side slip.Quick release mechanism holds strong and releases with ease

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