Booms Fishing R07 Fish Hook Remover Extractor 5 in

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Have a Stable Grip 
Made by stainless steel, won’t bent if you just use it to remove hooks.
Silica gel handle for tight grip even wet.

Enjoying Your Hook-out
Follow those four steps to take hook out. 
1. Keep leader line tight, put line into the pig-tail curl.
2. Slide down into fishes mouth, stop at the bottom of hook.
3. When you feel the bottom of hook, just push or twist it light. 
4. Take the hook out slowly, you did it. 
When you master this method, those four steps will cost you very little time. 
Attention: you need to keep you leader line tight while you take hook out!

Fishing Easy
You will not worry about taking hook out with you fish small size fish.
it will also save much time, and need not to worry hooked by mini hook when hook remove with your hands.
It makes less harm to fish as well, if you fish just for fun, how long you take is directly related to the survival of fish.

R07 is designed for single hooks (e.g: feeder hooks&fly hooks) diameter under 0.08 in
Made by stainless steel, will not bent if you use just it to remove hooks
Innovative smooth stainless steel pig-tail curl, no harm to leader line
Hook-out easy, put line tight and let it in the stainless pig-tail curl, slid down to the bottom of hook, just push or twist lightly, final take hook out slowly
Protect you and fish well, remove hook quickly, and less damage to fish

What's in the box:
Including: R07 *1 and Carabiner*1
Length: 5.5 in
Weight: 0.02 lb

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