Galvanized spring steel construction, are very stable whether open fish mouth or hang stainless steel bottle.

Ideal for All Game Fish, Make Hook Remove Easy and Safe
Do not worry about toothy fish swallow your hook or lure any more,  they instantly lock the mouth of fish wide open for safer removal of hooks and lures from larger sharp-toothed fish such as: pike, musky, walleye, barracuda, bluefish and more. This tool can prevent you from biting by toothy fish, also friendly to fish

Nice Tool for Camping
When you go camping, a bottle of boiled water will comfort you all day,  you can use Booms Fishing Z3 for suspending stainless steel bottle over a campfire to sterilize water.

Compact Size & Strong Power
8 in compact size make it handy, light weight for easy carry,  you can even put it into your pocket. It’s nice to have in tackle box and camping gear.

Strong galvanized steel spring make sure keeping fish mouth open or handing full water bottle
Work great for toothy fish like pike, lock fish mouth open for quick hook remove
Necessary when dehooking the fish with sharp teeth, keep mouth open, makes hook-out more easy and safe
Work great for the opening of a stainless steel bottle for hanging it over fire to boil water while camping
8 in compact size and light weight will perfect fit your hands meet defferent needs

What's in the box:
Length: 8 in/ 20.3 cm
Open Width: 4.3 in/ 11 cm
Weight: 0.22 lb/ 3.5 oz/ 100 g
Material: Spring Steel, PVC coated
Fish Mouth Spreader 1 pcs

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