Booms Fishing R3 Fishing Hook Remover Aluminium Squeeze Out

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This fish hook removal tool is a must for anyone who catches big fish as large as tarpon, and is into catch and release. You don't ever have to bring the fish out of the water.It is also invaluable for removing hooks in the mouth and throat. 
Extremely Helpful for Removing Deep Hook

This easy-to-use hook-out device actually extracts the hook from the fish.By squeezing the Fish Hook Extractor's handles causes the hook to rotate out of fish,promoting a safe,fish-friendly release.Remove the hooks from the fish not only can save your hook,but also is friendly to the fish
Anodized Aluminum Corrosion/Rust Resistant
The Anodized aluminum fishing gear can last a lifetime if you take care of them.It can be used in freshwater and saltwater fishing,but you need to wipe them clean after every use. Meanwhile,the material of anodized aluminum is very light,it wouldn't add burden in your tackle box.
Convenience and Fast Operation
The ergonomics plastic handle which operate simply and provides comfortable and natural grip,allows anglers twist the wrist easily in the process of removing hook; Very easy to maintain and clean.
Minimize Harm
Booms fishing hook remover allows you to remove hook safely with ease from the mouths of fish. Keep your fingers away from being bitten by fish teeth.By squeezing the fish hook remover's handles causes the hook to rotate out of fish,
promoting a safe,fish-friendly release.

[Remove Deep Hook] Remove most of hooks even the deep embedded hooks in sharp teeth fish
[Easily&Convenience] Pistol design is good for single hand operation,the ergonomics plastic handle provides comfortable and natural grip
[More Protection] Don't worry about those fish with sharp teeth, such as trout and snapper etc, the hook remover will keep your fingers away from hooks
[Minimize Harm] Remove most of hooks even the deep embedded hooks with less harm to the fish that allows angler to release fish to water
[Light Durable and Strong] Constructed from anodized aluminum and stainless steel for light, maximum durability and corrosion-resistance

What's in the box:
Hook Remover 1 pcs
Dimension:9.5*4.13*0.28 in
Material:Aluminum,Stainless Steel,ABS Plastic
Weight: 0.28 Lb

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