Booms Fishing HD1 Plastic Disgorger Hook Remover Tool 6.5 in

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Great hook tools for freshwater and saltfishing
Removing hooks from fish with teeth or deeply-hooked fish,such as Salmon, Bass, Catfish, Sea Trout, Cobia, Snapper .
Plastic with special design make hook remove easy and effort

High quality plastic construction make it sturdy for hook remove, two heads together.
Small and large head for almost sizes of hook .
Using instructions
First. according to the hook size you used, select one end ready for hook remove.
Second. keep line tight and use one end groove hook the line.
Third. slip down along line to the bottom of hook.
Fourth. when you catch the hook, just push the hook deeper lightly.
Finally. as you feel the hook has hooked your disgorger, take it out slowly.
When you master this method, you can save more time dealing with hook remove, and decrease the rate of hurting fish, also reduce the risk of being bite by toothy fish. 
An indispensable tool for catch and release fishing.
Compact size for using and carrying
6.5 in size and 0.01 lb weight suitable for any fishing scenes, put in your pocket or tackle box.
Size: 6.5 in
Weight: 0.01 lb
Material: plastic
Retracting and engulfed hook,worked well with trout and smaller bluegills
Two heads together, small and large head for almost size 
Plastic construction, lightweight 0.01 lb, length 6.5 in. feature in every anglers box

Keep line tight and use one end groove hook the line, then slip down to the hook, and just push the hook deeper, take hook out slowly
Safer for the fish, decrease the rate of hurting fish, great for catch and release

What's in the box:
Hook Remover 5 pcs


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