WV1 Vertical 6-Rod Rack Fishing Pole Holder Wall Mount

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Easier and neater
Rods are now available without getting tangled up.
Keep your poles all together and off the floor.
Perfect for small spaces.

Show it off to your guests
It is more functional than attractive ,but if you are not using it for display, then I would say go for it.

Keep your rods up and out of harms way in the garage
Have a safe place to keep your fishing rods! Never had anything fall out or get damaged. 
Foam grip hold the rods securely without scratch.
Base seat eliminates damage , keep rod straight, prevent deform or weaken the blank.

Interlocking design, can connect an other rack side-by-side for more rods 
This rack is generally suited for lure rods or freshwater rods, foam grip opens 0.35 in. Design for hold rods vertically indoor, may NOT hold horizontally or work well on ceiling ,boat ,truck. Depending on the size and location of the reels on your rods, in some cases you may not get the maximum capacity.
Advice for install
This rack is made in 16 in wideth so that it could be mounted to standard stud spacing.
Measure all your rods so the eyelets will clear the upper mounting rack.
You do need a leveler and a driller for best results.

Mounted on the wall of garage or workshop and hold your rods vertically ,organized and ready to go 
6 rods capcity with interlocking design allows easy rack expansion
Durable EVA foam grip pad protect your rods from scratches 
Base seat eliminates damage , prevent deform or weaken the blank 
Easy to mount with the included hardware. 16 in wide ,for easy stud installation 

What's in the box:
Dimensions: 2 parts, each 16.4 2.36 *1.37 in / 417 * 60 * 35 mm
Foam grip opening width: 0.35 in/ 0.9 mm 
Weight: 0.924 lb / 419.2 g
Color: black
Material: ABS plastic, EVA foam
Package included: 1* Foam grip part, 1* Base seat, 6* Screws, 6* Plastic anchor

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