RS1 Rod Straps, Rod Tamer Deck Mount Connector for Boat & Marine

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Tie down you rods when moving fast from spot to spot (on water or ground).
Neither you're spearing waves of Sturgeon Bay or bouncing across the Tennessee River, you'll know your rods are always sitting where you left them and strap them down, making you more relieved and fishing more enjoy ble.

Easy to install:
-Screw the end of the strap and the pad eye 14.5 in -15 in away from it on the deck. Then it's done!
(the big one is for the end of the strap, the small ones are for the pad eye.)
-Just lock the hook on with rods under it when using.
The plastic end is connected to strap with no glue, they're locked together. It's durable.
14 inches long,sucures up to 5 rods.slightly elastic.
Molded from a black polyurethane material that retains its elasticity.
No rough edges, not going to harm your line,nor will it catch your hooks
Doesn't lose its grip when wet.

How to make straps last longer:
Install straps a little loose
Better not fasten straps when there is no rods in them
Keep in dark place when you don't use them

Tie down your rods when moving fast on water or ground
14 inches long, slightly elastic, 26 inches long fully stretched
Bungee cord is thick and hold up well in the water and in the sun
Easy to install and use, with pad eye and hook buckled
The plastic end and the strap are locked together

What's in the box:
1 pcs: 1 Poly Rod Strap & 1 Pad Eyes & 3 Screws
2 pcs: 2 Poly Rod Straps & 2 Pad Eyes & 6 Screws

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