LR1 Line Spooler Adjustable for Varying Spool Sizes

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A fishing line Winder is a portable tool for every anglers and fishermen for its high quality and unbeatable price .
No longer need another people to hold fishing line, no longer need to carry pencils, no longer need to be depressed with fishing line scattered .

Basic operation procedure

1.Connecting sucker and bracket
Press the nut with your finger to connect aluminum bracket preliminary, after connecting lift your finger and grasp the sucker, the other hand grasp the aluminum bracket while stretching and rotating in opposite directions that can quickly assemble fishing line winder.
2.Fixed fishing line winder
Put it on a relatively smooth surface and put vacuum pressure release button that it can be fixed firmly.
3.Adjusts for varying line disc
According to size of line disc to adjust the distance between the fixed screws to control the spool's tightness.
4.Range of use
The length of the stick is 5.9 in,we recommend using 500 yards wire disk or less than 500 yards wire disk!

Vacuum Suction Cup: The fishing line bottom is made by a suction cup and match with a ABS model to insure this line winder doesn't shake when you transport the fishing line
Ensure the Line is Tight: When you hold the line winder to a clean flat surface, that can ensure even filling with constant line tension on your reel
Vacuum Pressure and Release: When you need the winder sucks the flat tightly and take down it handy, Please make good use of the trigger
Aluminum Screw: The screw made by aluminum material, which by tightening the nut is placed in the ABS model
Adjusts for Varying: By adjusting the distance between the fixed screws to control the spool's tightness and fit varying spool sizes

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