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Booms Fishing H2 Fishing Pliers Pocketed Feature Split Ring and Line Cutter

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H2 is a mini and multi-function fishing pliers widely used in freshwater fishing. 
Mini Size but Multi-function 
This is a daunting challenge for manufacturing and design to get the phone thinner and thinner.
H2 likes so, a precise machine and an outstanding design,can cut lines quickly,split rings, hold small objects firmly,and even help fishing line to tie a knot. 
Splitting rings is one challenge,but not a problem with H2. 
Make a Clean Cut
A fishing line cutters is necessary if you are an angler. 
There are skirts to trim, knots to cut or retie and tag ends to cut. 
H2 integrate the feature of sharp cutters.To get a clean smooth cut,you should aim to cut with tight and sharp blade edges, but not pinch and tear fishing line or whatever else you are trying to cut.
Real world Test
Braid line is real test for most scissors. H2 will cut braid line with no tension and not leave a frayed edge.
To make a clean cut, simply apply pressure to the line and it will cut braid clean every time. 


Material: Stainless Steel & Rubber Handles
Feature: Close Highly & Get a Clean Cut
Accessories: Model Pliers Sheath, Coiled Lanyard
Size/Color/Weight: 5 in / Black / 1.8 oz
[Portable Fishing Tool] H2 mini fishing pliers designed for younger anglers is more suitable for small hands,and convenient to carry
[Multi-function Jaws] The tight jaws can work great for line cutting,splitting rings,or holding small objects firmly,such as hooks or thin fishing line (Flexible Lock Design) Feature with a thumb lock,you can close the pliers when not in use
[Clean line-cut] Made of polishing stainless steel,you can cut line quickly and not leave a frayed edge
[Rich-equipped Accessories] The coiled lanyard connect pliers sheath,which can wear on your small belt or your fishing bag,and the texture of the rubber handle can provide better grip
What's in the box:
H02 Fishing Pliers 1 pcs

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