Booms Fishing FL2 Fishing Stringer with Reel and Float


Hold fish and keep them alive
Whether fishing from the shore or from a boat, the strung fish can be held in water. So they stay alive until the fisherman has finished fishing and is ready to release the fish or take it home.
How to use a fish stringer
Open the snaps, insert the pointed end of the snap into the lower jaw (from underneath) and pull it out the mouth of the fish. Close the snap.
Never go through the gills, the fish will die fast and you may want to throw out the shorties while fishing for bigger ones.
You can attach it to the boat, anchor it in the bank or tie it to your belt when wading.
Sturdy material
304 stainless steel snaps, no deformation, no rust
Steel high speed bearing swivel
PE braided core wire, strong enough for catfish, trout, pike
New designs
Highly hollowed reel: Releasing force structure, light and flexible, balanced damping
Hollow Line Cup: Using a hollow line cup design, effectively reducing drag, running smoothly, without reversing
Metal crank: no gap crank design, close fitting, easy to swap left and right hands, smooth rotation
Wire loop: better protection of the fishing line, not to hurt the line
Eight-shaped carabiner: metal eight-shaped carabiner, free hanging buckle
Float: easy to find, eye-catching yellow
Be sure to rinse it off with fresh water when you done for the day.
Designed to hold fish and keep them alive and in water
Reel design, easy to lift fish and store in tackle box
304 stainless steel snaps mean you will not lose any fish
Convenient to raise fish with a eye-catching yellow float
20ft length PE braided core wire and 5 snaps are available

What's in the box:
Weight:0.28 lb/0.13 kg
Color: blue & silver
5 snaps are available
Material: Aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, PE braided core wire
Length of PE braided core wire: 19.6 ft/6 m
Package dimensions: 4.21*4.21*3.58 in/10.7*10.7*9.1 cm

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