Booms Fishing FLS Leader Straightener and Line Cleaner with Fly Fishing Zinger

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1. Serious Anglers Need Serious Tools
This tool is perfect for removing the kinks and coils from your leader and tippet, ensuring that each cast lays out smoothly across the water.
The leather pads are easy to grip and the The softer EVA foam sections make for quick and effortless straightening of your fly line leader.
Pull the line, tippet or leader through the felted sides with or without adding a few drops of line care solution, soon clean, remove the memory in the line.
2. Small and Lightweight, Connect With the Fly Fishing
You can attach them to your fly fishing vest or belt loop, convenient and quick to hang.
Retractable 34 in polyester cord for a smooth, quiet extension, easy to retract.
1.5 oz retraction force.
It can automatically retract after the string pulled out from the reel when you let go of leader straightener, don't worry about losing.
Specifications: Leader Straightener And Line Cleaner :
Dimension: 2.28*1.89*0.59 in/ 5.8*4.8*1.5 cm. Weight: 0.02 lb/ 9 g
Retractable Reel: Dimension: 3.82*1.49*0.49 in/ 9.7*3.8*1.25 cm.  Weight: 0.05 lb/ 22 g.
Clean you line often to extend the life of your leaders and tippets, don't let a coiled leader ruin your presentation and make for a long day on the water
The EVA foam sections make for quick and effortless straighten stubborn coils and kinks from monofilament leaders
The softer felt is used to clean off residue/dust/mud/sand from your fly line, remove the memory in the line With the zinger for easy attachment to belt loop, fly fishing vest or bag, convenient and quick to hang
Fly fishing retractable reel comes with 34 in polyester cord and 1.5 oz retraction force

What's in the box:
Fly Line Straightener 1 pcs

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