Booms Fishing RS2 Rod Secure Belt Rod Tamer Deck Mount Straps for Boat

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Ties down you rods when moving fast from spot to spot (on water or ground). Neither you're spearing waves of Sturgeon Bay or bouncing across the Tennessee River,  you'll know your rods are always sitting where you left them and strap them down,  making you more relieved and fishing more enjoyable.No more rods bouncing around in the boat and no more broken rod tips.
1. Advantage: 
Compared with the rod holders that have individual notches or grooves to hold the rods. This set due to the design allows you to store many different types of rod and reel combinations without having to worry if they will fit in the notches or grooves provided by the other rod holders. Made of nylon, excessive sun or heat exposure has no influence on it.

2. 10 in & 6 in set: 
10 in strap is for the handles. The whole length is 33.3 in, includes 7 in hook and loop fastener tape at both ends, 10 in fixed distance and 4.6 in elastic which is 9.9 in fully streched .  in strap is for the tips. The whole length is 18.5 in, includes 6 in fixed distance and 5 in hook and loop fastener tape at both ends. 
Washers on the straps help screws hold firmly, no chance to tear out of the holes. 
8 screws included.(length: 0.875 in/22.24 mm, diameter: 0.176 in /4.47 mm )

3. Easy to install and use: 
Screw 10 in  strap and 6 in strap about 50 in away from it on the deck. Then it's done!  Put rods into the straps and wrap around rods with straps, then close the opening with hook and loop fastener tape.

Ties down your rods when moving fast on water or ground. Keep poles from bouncing around
Four washers on each strap, for screws holding firmly
10 in & 6 in set, secures up to 7 rods. Both are 2 in wide
Made of nylon, excessive sun or heat exposure have no influence on it
8 Screws included

What's in the box:
2 hook and loop fastener tape 
8 screws

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