Booms Fishing T02 Heavy Duty Fishing Lanyard for Fishing Tools/Rods/Paddles


Must have assembled one on your kayak or fishing boat for keeping the gear safety, such as fishing pliers, fishing rod (Need to be used with Booms Fishing RB1 Rod Straps)

Made from TPU and wire in the side, aluminum sleeves crimping ends, the tensile strength is 50 lb

Zinc alloy clips (optional rotation) more suitable for saltwater, one pad eye can be fastened with two lanyard

15 inch coiled 6.6 ft expanded, flexible size space will not affect your movement on kayak Even when using a paddle with this coiled lanyard

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Booms Fishing "T" series coil lanyard for ensuring stuff safety and hands free.

Durable and highly elastic,wire,aluminum sleeves crimping ends.

Stainless steel key rings and spring saltwater resistant.

The following products are based on your object and the surrounding environment.

T02 heavy duty coil lanyard

T02- mainly used for paddle leash and rod saver which requires high strength.

15" coil 72" extended, max tension tested over 50lb.

Zinc alloy swivel clip suit for kayak pad eye.

Note: used as rod leash better with Booms Fishing RB1-rod straps.

T04 hands free coil lanyard

T04- mainly for fishing pliers / tools, to keep your gear safe and provide a quick access.

11" coil 59" extended, max tension tested over 15lb.

zinc alloy swivel clip aluminum carabiner available.

Note: don't suggest used as rod leash.

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T08 no self-wending coil lanyard

T08- perfect for small lightweight stuff need hang on your fly vest.

Coil hides in the aluminum pipe, avoid winding fish line.

4.1" coil 39" extended, max tension tested over 6.6lb.

Aluminum carabiner and quick release buckle.

Note: don't suggest used as rod leash.

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T01 no resistance coil lanyard

T01-mainly used for fishing rod and fly net.

The designed coil ratio allows you to have no resistance when casting and extending fly net.

16.5" coil 63" extended, max tension tested over 15lb.

Stainless steel ring and aluminum carabiner.

Note: used as rod leash better with Booms Fishing RB1-rod straps.

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