Our Story

               Booms Fishing

Booms Fishing is the leading fishing tools and tackle 
online in America, and for that matter worldwide online.
As a fast-growing online fishing brand, our products are made
to simplify the way you fish and we aim to make fishing easy.
We insist on doing natural, green, lively products, bring us
more convenience,environmental protection,comfortable.
Our History
In 2015, Found in Los Angeles, CA, USA 
In 2016, as the leading fishing tools on American Amazon, we introduced our more fishing tackle
In 2016, We have become the American Amazon Strategic Vendor
In 2016, We have become the American Walmart Strategic Seller
In 2017, We have become the American biggest online retailer etailz Partner
In 2017, We have entered more online markets around the world, such as Japan, Australia, Europe, southeast Asia
Our Mission
Make Fishing Easy. Use Easy, Buy Easy
Our Value
Nature, Green, Spring
Our Service
BOOMS FISHING team listen to the needs of users carefully, and do a good job of customer service, let you and us much closer.