F04 Locking Forceps Clamp Curved Fish Hook Remover

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Face All Kinds of Situations with You 
To against saltwater corrosion and last longer, hook remover using durable polished passivation stainless steel.
Able to withstand more frequency of use and higher strength.
Remove Hooks 
Once you're attached to the hook you can just twist or swivel them to dislodge and remove the hook. 
These work like a charm for getting hooks out of fish mouths and reaching deep for swallowed hooks that you would have to cut off normally.
Multi-Usage Tool 
Not only for fishing, but also for electronics, soldering, repairs your computers even fire cupping! Anything you can image, it’ll help you out.
Total 7.3 inches Pliers with A Long Nose  
Total 7.3 in pliers with a 3-inches long nose and 3-stage locking/tension serrated jaw varies grip. 
It has designed a curved tip forceps in order to remove hooks from all species of fish, especially perfect for the large-mouth such as bass.
For Safety 
We have smoothed the edges of the hook remover, it’s hard to hurt you and your fish. Come and get one for your fishing trip. 
Basic Parameters 
Dimension:7.3*3*0.2 in/5.9*2.9*0.2 in
Material: Stainless steel 
Weight:0.12 lb/0.07 lb
[Corrosion Resistant] Polished stainless steel has superior rust and corrosion resistance ability, no rough edges, durable enough to be used in freshwater or saltwater
[Accurate] It has a curved tip in order to remove hooks from all species of fish, Curved tip will work great for removing hooks out of the fish mouth or reaching deep for swallowed one
[Perfect for Large-Mouth] 7.3 in total length and 3 in the long nose with a curved tip provides a pleasant experience especially perfect for the large-mouth such as bass
[Multi-Usage] Not only for fishing, you can use these for soldering, repairs on wiring or computers even fire cupping[Both Protect] Less harm to fish on process of removing hook and 7.3 in total long enough to keep your fingers away from fish's teeth, the 3-stage self-locking ratchet provides adjustable tension which durable, safe and easy to use
What's in the box:
locking forceps clamp 2 sizes combination

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