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Booms Fishing FF2 Fly Fishing Vest Tool Kit

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As a fly fishing angler, you may spend your days on the water.In order to improve your fishing experience and enjoy your fishing time.
Booms Fishing introduced the Fly Fishing Tool Kit & Fly Box. You will like it once you try.
Please allow 0.4-0.8inches (1-2 cm) differences due to manual measurement, thank you.
If you have questions or concerns, welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help.

As a fly fishing angler, you need this fly fishing tool kit to make your fishing experience a breeze, including tie fast combo tool, retractor, stainless steel forceps, leader straightener & cleaner four basic tools
 Stainless Steel Forceps: Polished stainless steel has superior rust and corrosion resistance ability, no rough edges, durable enough to be used in freshwater or saltwater. Curved tip will work great for removing hooks out of fish mouth or reaching deep for swallowed one
 Tie Fast Combo Tool: It’s an essential tool to carry around while you are fishing. It not only helps you tie a strong knot, but with the built in clippers, it lets you cut the extra line off. The needle works for getting the glue out of fly heads and as an aide in untying knots or tangles. This tool is simpler and easier to use in the stream
 Pin-on Retractor: The retractor will hold a variety of lightweight tools. The stainless steel spring resists corrosion. They sport 1.5 Ounce test strength and extend to 23 inches/ 60cm. You can pin it on your fly vest at the seam and attach your tools to it, don't have to worry about losing anymore
 Leader Straightener & Cleaner: The EVA foam sections can straighten the fly fishing leader quickly and remove the memory in the line. The softer felt is used to clean off residue/dust/mud/sand from your fly line and extend the life of them

What's in the box:
Fly Fishing Box
Dimension: 6×3.9×1.7inches/ 15.5×10×4.4cm(L×W×H)
Weight: 0.47lb/ 215g
Dimension: 5.5*2.8*0.5 in/ 14*7*0.2 cm(L*W*H)
Weight: 0.07 lb/ 32.4 g
Dimension: 2.95*1.1*0.79 in/ 7.5*2.8*2 cm (L*W*H)
Weight: 0.05 lb/ 22 g
Leader Straightener & Cleaner
Dimension: 2.28*1.89*0.59 in/ 5.8*4.8*1.5 cm (L*W*H)
Weight: 0.02 lb/ 9 g
Tie Fast Combo Tool
Dimension: 2.56*0.51*0.35 in/ 6.5*1.3*0.9 cm (L*W*H)
Weight: 0.024 lb/ 11g

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