F07 Black Crocodile Pliers

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  • [ Return to the Steel ] Booms Fishing first forged stainless steel pliers, after the popularity of aluminum-steel hybrid pliers since 1990s, we return to the steel to be practical and powerful
  • [ Strong and Solid ] 430 Stainless Steel material with Titanium coating, strong, solid and corrosion-resistance if consciously maintained
  • [ Advanced Gripping & Crimpping ] Differentiated Serrated Jaws hold different objects firmly, slim nose also reach into narrower places easier. Professional Sleeve Crimper specific to single barrel sleeves, 5 little teeth provide individual pressure points, jaws fully closed with little gaps to prevent wire crush
  • [ Expert Design ] This straight nose type has no split ring tip and provide a more comfortable experience of reaching and gripping.
  • [ Use Friendly ] Spring loaded non-slip handle feel comfortable and easy to operate. We also provide Well-designed sheath with steel wire coiled lanyard for easy carry and use
After fishing, remember rinse your pliers with clean water to wash out salt and dirt,
dry your pliers and store at a clean and dry place and coated with light oil (WD-40)
The 430 material features balanced strength and corrosion resistance,
and our titanium coating will also reduce the risk of corrosion.
Keep the pliers maintained and not abused, there should be no problem with corrosion.

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