CP2 Fishing Crimping Tool Pliers for Single-Barrel Sleeves

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A wire leader is an essential link whatever freshwater or saltwater fishing. For it's the connection from your main line to your baits. If the connection is broken, it will be a fatal blow.  We could not control the snaps, swivels, line or wire strength. But we can decide the sleeves if crimped firmly. First of all, for squeezing the crimps a pair a coop to half round crimping pliers, such as Booms Fishing CP2.
Just a case of lining up the crimping pliers: 

So a little of the crimp is showing on either side of the jaws and then one firm squeeze of the pliers should do the job. 

Firmly crimped but not hurt the wire: 
The great thing about this tool is the six little teeth that individual pressure point on the crimp and also even when the jaws fully closed those little gap left to prevent the wire become completely crushed.
Just a classical crimper:
This fishing crimping tools once again embodies how great is the lever principle. It just needs 1/5 strength can achieve the desired results.  The soft but textures grips, the adjustable hand lanyard secure your tools no lost again even you hand with slime.
High Carbon Steel & Rubber 
Six Small Teeth & PTFE Coated 

Booms Fishing CP2 wire leader crimping pliers mainly used for #0-#6 single barrel sleeves size

[Firmly Crimp Not Hurt Wire] Our crimping tool with six little teeth that individual pressure points on the crimp and also even when the jaws fully closed those little gap left to prevent the wire becoming completely crushed
[Corrosion-Resistant] PTFE plated carbon steel construction for years of rust-resistant service. This surface treatment better than nickel or black oxidation
[A Secure Hand, Non-Lost Again] The soft but textures grips for a secure hand while digging deep to save your lure. A hand string contact you hand for non lost again
Drop forged high carbon steel, hardened and tempered for durability

What's in the box:
Fishing Crimping Pliers 1 pcs
Hand lanyard
Size/Color/Weight 6 in/ Red / 7.7 oz 
Tips! Clean Your Pliers After Your Fishing Trip

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