Booms Fishing R2 Hook Remover Squeeze-Out Fish Hook Tools

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Perform Greatly for Saving Your Hook
You can remove circle hooks stably and quickly even though from deeply hooked fish throat.
There are 3 in hook remover available to meet your requirement better.

Easy for Single-hand Operation
Design with T-shape handle which provides comfortable and stable grip.
Operate easier for anglers to twist the wrist easily only by one hand when removing these deeply hook. 

Friendly Fishing Experience
Nicely protect your fingers from harm because of no touching fish shape teeth or fins directly.
Significantly reduce damage on fishing line or fish with round-corner hook head design.

Long-lasting Use for Years
10 in hooks 3 colors available made by anodized aluminum, 6.7 in and 11 in hooks made by stainless steel and electroplating,all won’t be rusty and used for a long time if you take good care of it after every use..
And they are much lightweight, you even could put the 6.7 in hook into your pocket.

[Single Hand Operation] The ergonomic plastic handle can fit your palm perfectly. Nice for twisting wrist and single hand use
[Remove Hooks Swallowed Deeply] Getting those troublesome hooks out , such as gut hook
[More Protection] Don't worry about those fish with sharp teeth, such as trout and snapper etc, the hook remover will keep your fingers away from hooks
[Less Harm] Remove most of hooks even the deep embedded hooks with less harm to the fish that allows angler to release fish to water
[Anodized Aluminum] Anodized Aluminum has a good corrosion resistance to salt water, the ergonomics plastic handle provides comfortable and natural grip

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