WV2 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder for Garage Wall Mount Compact

Booms Fishing

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#WV2 Close Together Model, vertically stores 6 rods neatly and securely, up to hold 6 rod and combo, suggest hold 4-5 rod and combo. Large space model please choose Booms Fishing WV1 6 Rod Rack.
#A Pair Two Parts, the bottom portion has a shallow tray to hold the butt of the rod to keep it off the ground, and the top has soft but firm foam inserts to hold the, pressure fit into foam, not the twist.
#Resilient EVA Foam, smooth to get rod in or out, good solution to the ordinary foam fragile and hard problem. We give three replaceable EVA foam as a gift.
#Mounted on the wall, use screwed and glued, garage or workshop wall need flat surface , not good for curved surface
#An efficient, aesthetically way to organize fishing rods

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